Summer Camps

If you are coming with your organization (youngsters or adults) to Catalonia and would like a helping hand from somebody local in search out charming accommodation and fun activities, let us know! 
Accommodation: We work together with a few large but charming country houses, ideal for groups of youngsters!

Activities: most of our activities can be offered at the location itself. We have some fun and interesting options but we can also tailor programmes especially for you. As most groups also want to visit Barcelona for  a day, we can of course help you with that as well: for example, a cycling tour or an  interactive rally, providing are really an ideal, enjoyable way to see and learn a lot of the city in a relatively short time.

If you like, we can send you a list of our on-site activities, which include:

Dance workshops: salsa, flamenco, hip hop, etc.

Cooking workshops: culinary tales, experimenting with the senses and, of course, cookin’!

Music workshops: from making instruments to VJing.

Creative workshops: graffiti workshop, art recycling workshop, stencilling/serigraphy

Active workshops: acrobatics, acro-yoga, cycling, hiking

Theatre workshops: “Let’s get Spanish”, learning basic Spanish through movement theatre

Fashion workshops:  Vintage recycling , stencilling/serography on clothes