Although you might have seen that My Favourite Things is normally aimed at smaller groups, if are coming as part of a larger one we can still offer you most of the activities mentioned on the web site.
Also, if  your organization or group is of a certain kind , we can work out special requests.

Let us know what  your cup of tea is:  into landscape, design, architecture, fashion, hair styling, fashion, the latest trends, learning Spanish, history, urban development, food, galleries, street art, whatever!

Send us your proposal – or simply any vague ideas you might have – and we will work something out. Every request will be dealt with separately to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Some practical info:

There are a couple of options for doing our alternative walking tours with bigger groups:
-We can split up the group in several smaller groups (max 10) and guide several groups at the same time - in this way we can offer you the same personal touch, or
-We can adapt the tour slightly to make it possible for one big group (but with a maximum of 15–20 to make the thing practical). Obviously, this tour will be slightly less “personal”.


Cycling tours can be done with a max of 20, but several groups can be organized at the same time
There are no restrictions regarding the size of the group (within reason: it has to fit in the venue, obviously!).

Here as well, bigger  groups can always be split into smaller groups simultaneously.