Spanish in action

As a Spanish student you might want to put your theoretical knowledge to practical use. You’ve been to classes, you studied your tenses, you acquired a reasonable vocabulary, you played "Señor Monolo y Señora Paquita" in role-playing exercises, and have learnt all those unlikely phrases the teacher assures you are used everyday in Spain, but ??do you sometimes wonder in your darkest moments if you would survive for more than 30 seconds talking to a real Spaniard? To bolster your perhaps flagging self-confidence, we have designed the perfect way to smoothly slip into the Spanish-speaking world.

All our activities – walking tours, cycling and hiking tours, dance classes, cooking classes, wine tours etc. can be given in Spanish, at a level in line with your abilities.  An interactive and fun way to practice what you have learned and to learn more!

If you want to take on some private classes during your stay, that is possible as well!

Wanna come with your Spanish class (from your home country) and indulge in real practice with real live Spaniards?

In the past, we have organised four-day holidays in Barcelona for groups of students (studying Spanish in their home country), offering a range of fun activities in the language they have been so patiently learning. A similar experience could also be organised in the countryside. Below, you will find an example of this kind of learning holiday (a Dutch version is also provided underneath). If you want more info on these holidays, as always, please contact us and we will be happy to help.



Not just another Spanish course, but a fun way to improve your Spanish!

You’ve learnt your verbs, the tenses, the vocabulary, what’s masculine and what’s feminine, you’ve practised your conversational skills with that nice meek chap sitting next to you in class (could he be a serial killer??) and, frankly, you’re getting a little bored…

We’ve got something to spice up the learning experience and improve your Spanish radically in a short space of time. Learn to dance flamenco, cook a paella, film an episode of your very own Latin American soap… all in Spanish, practising the language whilst having fun, or making a fool of yourself, or indeed both! 

A range of fun activities over 4 days to immerse you in the language, so that you learn almost without realising it.

A basic grammar and vocabulary is required to participate. A real challenge for people who’ve studied 1 or two (or more) years of Spanish and have acquired an intermediate level. 

All activities are preceded by a brainstorming session where the necessary vocabulary is introduced. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to remember everything you were taught in your Spanish classes! Feedback will be given at the end. 

Since “My favourite things” likes to keep it personal, we work with a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 25 people.

Download the English version of the programme (86 KB)

Download the Dutch version of the programme (963 KB)