Cycling alongside the carretera de les aigües

Gentle and green cycling along the hill of Tibidabo,  amazing views , tales from above:

The Carretera de les Aigües is an old service track, previously used by a water company (hence its name), that runs along the length of Tibidabo , the inland hill overlooking Barcelona. Given its position, it affords amazing views over the city. The track is flat and the ride very gentle: how far you cycle is up to you — you can take anything up to two hours or so if you go both ways along the track. There is the possibility of picnicking on the way or, if you like, you can restore all those hard-burned calories by means of a groaning plate of barbecued meat or vegetables at a local hostelry . Indeed, if you are lucky you might be in for a calçotada - giant barbecued spring onions dipped in romesco, a deliciously nutty sauce.

On the way, our guide will entertain and inform you with plenty of interesting tales of the city: its history culture and cuisine, urban changes and other hot issues. For the brave ones amongst you, we can also cycle down towards the city centre.

Practical details: We take the bicycle on the train at Plaza Catalunya (15 min), followed by the funicular to the track (2 min). There are lifts at the station. The cycling itself takes 2 to 3 hours (depending how far you wan to go). Don’t worry, we can adapt to your pace!
On request, our singing guide can also lead this tour, so it can be spiced up with old fishermen’s songs, boleros and other classics to delight you ears

 For more experienced cyclists, we also offer cycling tours in the  natural parls around Barcelona with hybrid bycicles. Soon you will find more inf on our site(distance, steepness,  grade of difficulty...).
On all these tours ypu will see the most stunning countryside!

On the corner of the Ramblas and Carrer Tallers – Carrer Tallers is the first street on your right if you walk down the Ramblas (direction sea), starting at Plaza Catalunya.
on request
Can only be done privately, for prices, please contact us
Please phone or e–mail us. The tours can be given in English, Dutch or Spanish.