Other places in Spain

As Spain has so much to offer, we have gone beyond Barcelona. In the cause of exhaustive research, have had the tough task of spending many a carefree day and night in cosy accommodation –in Catalonia and beyond– and exploring the surrounding areas, sampling all the delights of the countryside and all that has to be offered, culturally and gastronomically, by their towns and villages. We have been investigating and checking out alternative activities there, too.

The accommodation we offer has been specifically chosen for independent, discerning and (doubtless) good-looking travellers such as yourselves. Those seeking satellite TV, Jacuzzis and nightly entertainment provided by ancient geezers wheezing Viva España from behind their electronic organs had best look elsewhere.

These homes are set in areas of Spain that remain relatively untouched by the hand of mass tourism. You will cross paths with relatively few other tourists, especially foreign ones; places of interest will not suffer from invasions by hordes of coach-borne groups, and you should be able to wander around them at will. Food, drink and life in general will be geared towards local, rather than visitors’ tastes.

When you are nestling in the ample bosom of the Spanish countryside, what to do? Of course, we will provide you with a list of local places of interest and options. But we also offer fun, interesting and stimulating activities at all our places of accommodation: wine tasting, cooking classes, off-the-beaten-track cycling tours, participating in farm activities (hopefully not losing a limb in the process), and more!