Walking tours

In Barcelona, our tours focus on what makes the city really tick, going off the beaten track, with a fusion of the old and the new, the cool and the kitsch, history and legend, providing sustenance for both body and soul.

The tours are all created around certain areas neighbourhoods or themes, Whether you’re a foodie, a film  or music fan, a history buff,  an art freak, an architecture addict or simply want to enjoy Barcelona in a more personal way, allow us to take you round in this vibrant city. Every tour includes both juicy anecdotes and historical information and, taking a closer look at the side of Barcelona that is all too often left out of the glossy tourist brochures. And, to make this a truly personal experience, we limit the numbers of each tour to ten
Nonetheless, for larger groups and schools, we offer specially tailored tours and activities in and outside Barcelona.