Tales of the city

 Who doesn’t like a good story? Stories amuse, scare and surprise us, stories take us to a different dimension, make us dream… stories can, in short, make travelling experience so much more intense!

And what better source of inspiration than Barcelona? The city has a thousand tales of its own, naughty, fun, scary, wicked… all fascinating. It has also been the stage and backdrop for both films and books, set either in Barcelona itself or using its characterful streets as an atmospheric location.

The tour will use this rich well of tales to introduce you to characters and stories factual, fictional and legendary, both past and present, such as the lady vampire who was not thirsty for blood, but for little kids. And we’ll talk about the colourful personalities of its shadier neighbourhoods, like the Barri Xinès, Barcelona’s red light district, explaining how these stories reflect the character of the areas, a character that is in danger of disappearing under the pressure of relentless gentrification.

More generally, we’ll see how these tales feed from Spain’s distinctive nature and history, including the impact of Franco’s dictatorship and the subsequent social, cultural and sexual explosion after his death, various national obsessions (the lottery, cuisine, etc.) and, generally its place in the world.

We’ll also be visiting fascinating shops, such as an artisanal perfume establishment reminiscent of The Perfume (whose film was shot in Barcelona), whose formulas may surprise you, and a unique jewellery store, where you can adorn yourself with miniature fairy tale characters. If that’s your thing.

So, if you fancy something a little different, have an imagination to feed and brain to be stimulated, sign up for this tour and enjoy!



Meeting Point: in front of the church on Plaza del Pi in the Gothic district


On request


€30 per person for groups of 4 and more. For groups of less then four: €120 in total.  A  private tour is also possible, for prices ,contact us!


Please phone during office hours or e-mail us as soon as possible- tours need to be booked in advance ; last  minute bookings are not always possible. The groups are limited to a maximum of ten. The tour can be given in English, Dutch , Spanish and French