Glamour tour

In these times of crisis, things are tough for everyone. We at My Favourite Things are well aware of this and, generous as always, reach out to help all of those looking for a taste of a vintage champagne lifestyle on a supermarket own-label beer budget. Our Glamour tour offers a glimpse of the Barcelona high life in all its aspects –culinary, retail, interior, nightlife, designer and more– without leaving you strapped for cash. Some of these corners are hidden away or otherwise difficult to access, but our in-house glamour girl will “Open Sesame” for you.

We kick off in El Born, a hub of local affordable designers, stylishly-renovated Gothic palaces and decadent bakeries where you can also enjoy a glass chilled cava with a hint of hibiscus. We then make our way to the Eixample district, where we’ll explore its wide glamorous avenues, stylish shops with stunning interiors, enjoy some jazzy tunes in a an old-time cocktail bar and munch on creative tapas at a cutting-edge eatery.

All the time, we’ll be filling you in with info on all sorts of stylish options (bars, clubs, dining choices) and how to access them (sometimes even including secret passwords!) to observe how the local beau monde hangs out.

This is a tour for everyone: everyone, that is, with a sense of style (a definition that doubtless embraces you, gentle reader). No need for wads of cash, our usual reasonable rates apply! What’s more if you have any glamorous whims, we will be pleased to tailor our tour.


on request


We recommend to do this as a priavte tour- for prices please consult us.


Please phone during office hours or e-mail us as soon as possible- tours need to be booked in advance ; last  minute bookings are not always possible. The groups are limited to a maximum of ten. The tour can be given in English, Dutch , Spanish, French, Italian and German.