Tailored Shopping tour

Looking for affordable gems in Barcelona? Seeking inspiration?  Whether you are a shopaholic, retailer or designer, this tour will infuse and enthuse you with new ideas!

This is no visit to an out-of-town big-label warehouse: we propose taking you on a tour of select alternative label outlets and boutiques, small local designer shops  (some have their studio in the same location) and vintage stores in Barcelona, bringing together penniless consumer and cash flow-starved designer so that the former can still look gorgeous and the latter still eat and enjoy a roof over their head. Let’s face it, we’re almost part of Social Services!

Clothes, accessories, shoes, jewellery… everything you need to remain at the cutting edge of personal style without overspending to the point of risking defaulting on your mortgage payment. The banks already have too many foreclosed properties on their hands as it is.

Also, our shopping guide, Laura, will be more then happy to give out styling advice! So, let us know more about your personal style, preferences and budget, so we  can prepare a personalised itinerary for that unique snowflake that is you!

And, if furniture,  hand-made recycled objets, curios, lamps, (designer and/or vintage), etc. are more your cup of tea, we can include this as well or even just focus on this aspect.


Meeting place will be given once you book the tour


On request


 Available as a private tour only, so it can be tailored to your individual preferences and style. So, contact to let us know what you are interested in and for prices.


Please phone during office hours or e-mail us as soon as possible- tours need to be booked in advance ; last  minute bookings are not always possible. The groups are limited to a maximum of ten. The tour can be given in English, Dutch , Spanish, French, Italian and German.