Natural parks around Barcelona

Cycling through Natural Parks around Barcelona (hybrid bikes)

For those who are slightly more adventurous. For those who don't mind cycling uphill. For those who's leg's muscles are slightly more developed (we are not talking about Sylvester Stallone….). For those who have some experience. Don't fear, we won't torture you with Pyrenees, these mountains are pretty doable. We go at your speed and stop whenever you want! On the way, we can give you plenty of interesting info on the different areas.

Although you have opted for a city trip, it's always good to get out one day so you can enjoy that buzzing city life even more. The surroundings of Barcelona are really stunning, so why not enjoy it all? We provide excellent hybrid bikes with 27 gears that help you go up those mountains in a jiffy!

A healthy bike ride, amazing countryside, plenty of stops for refreshing drinks and a damn good country meal as a reward! We have designed three routes, some more strenuous then others: in the attached tables you can find more details!

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Route 1: Uphill Tibidabo and Collserola (short route)

Cycling: 2.5 hours - Lunch: 1.5 hour. Total: 4 hours
We kick off in the city centre and make our way gradually up to Tibidabo, the hill that stands at the back of Barcelona. We cycle though the Modernista area of the Eixample and have a little stop in Sarrià, a very pleasant neighbourhood that once used to be a town outside the city. From there we make our way up along windy roads until we reach Carretera de las Aiguas, a flat (oof!) path that runs along Tibidabo. Time for a rest here, also plenty of photo opportunities! after the flat part we cycle a small bit up again. We are now in Collserola, a stunning natural park that lies behind Tibidabo. This final effort is rewarded (if you want) by refreshing drinks or a traditional Catalan lunch in an amazing setting. Don’t fear, after this it's all downhill!

Distance:    36.5 kilometres
Elapsed Time:    3:48:34
Avg Speed:    9.6 km/h
Max Speed:    44.8 km/h
Avg Pace:    6' 15" per km
Min Altitude:    0 m
Max Altitude:    431 m

Route 2: Uphill Tibidabo and Collserola (long route )
Cycling: 4 hours. Lunch: 1.5 hours. Total: 5.5 hours
This is a similar route to the first one: we also kick off in the city centre and make our way up to Tibidabo. From there we enter the lush Natural Park of Collserola which has stunning views over the city. This time, we choose a much longer route (the park is enormous), so you will get to see the park and the city from different angles. This is probably the most strenuous route of all, but you don't need to be Lance Armstrong (doped or otherwise) to enjoy yourself.
Towards the end of the route, your efforts will be rewarded with a hearty lunch at one of the local restaurants on the way. From there, it is all downhill!!

Distance:    65.7 kilometres
Elapsed Time:    3:53:17
Avg Speed:    16.9 km/h
Max Speed:    46.2 km/h
Avg Pace:    3' 33" per km
Min Altitude:    0 m
Max Altitude:    423 m

Route 3: Cycling though  El Garraf  up to Sitges
Cycling: 3 hours, 1.5 for lunch. Return by train from Sitges (30 min). Total: 5 hours

Here, we also set off in the centre of Barcelona and cycle via Hospitalet to the Llobregat river; this part is via normal roads. We then cycle along the Llobregat river and gradually climb up towards El Garraf Natural Park. The Park offers stunning scenery just behind the coast between Castelldefels and Sitges. Once there, in the saddle, puffing your way up (yet) another unspoilt hill, even the most imaginative of you would find it hard to credit your proximity to the heaving conurbation that is the capital of Catalonia.
Whilst amazingly unspoilt, the El Garraf is not totally devoid of human influence. At one point, the route takes us past a Buddhist monastery, complete with shop for those must-have souvenirs. As luck would have it, located next door is a great restaurant which 100 different bacalao (salt cod) dishes and which makes a tempting lunch spot, especially for those of a fishy disposition. From there, we make our way to the village of Olivella, where we say “adéu” to the Park and cycle to the seaside resort town of Sitges, from whose station we take the train back to Barcelona. If you rather have lunch with a sea view (in Sitges), that can be arranged as well!

Distance:    47.5 kilometres
Elapsed Time:    5:18:13
Avg. Speed:    9.0 km/h
Max Speed:    37.4 km/h
Avg. Pace:    6' 42" per km
Min Altitude:    3 m
Max Altitude:    463 m